CPD SCORECARD was established in 2018 to serve time-short professionals, ensuring the aggregation, filing and secure storage of their CPD certificates was hassle-free.

Allied to that, we recognised the pressure faced by compliance officers and regulators to manage this data and their professional communities.


The benefits of this service

  • Upload a certificate in less than a minute with your phone or PC.

  • Receive email confirmation your data has been received, stored and duplicated.

  • Return to your central register to check your total hours and manage your data.

  • Export the data from the central register (Excel / CSV / PDF).

  • Receive all the data (including certificates) in a neat email to share easily.

  • Tracking and reporting for large groups (corporates / professional bodies).

  • Fully integrated with our LMS (Learner Management System) and webinar services.


Watch this short video to see how easy it is to use the digital service.


Individual Users

INDIVIDUALS simply complete the form, make an online payment, receive an activation key and invoice before being redirected back to CPD SCORECARD.


Corporates and Professional Bodies

Integrate our service with your online environment and operations with the following features:

  • Fully integrated wth our LMS (Learner Management System) and webinar services

  • Dashboard to monitors individuals and teams with quick access to filtered reporting

  • Group onboarding and automatic enrolment for 10+ users.

  • Data securely stored and backed up on the cloud.

  • Whitelabelling our system to reflect your own corporate identity. 

  • Customised messaging for enrolment and progress reports.

  • Automate communications to prompt user activity when approaching deadlines.

  • Access for specific “admin” users to monitor & maintain their groups’ activity within the database.

  • Reporting functionality to integrate and export data into existing systems (CSV / API).


Please contact our Support Specialists HERE with any sales or technical queries.


Thank you for your support and considering CPD SCORECARD.