Registration Issues

I have not received an email about my registration or my scorecard.

  • You may have missed an email from YOUR CPD SCORECARD, with an activation key directing you to the CPD SCORECARD dashboard.

  • Please also refer to your “junk”, “promotions” or “spam” folder, as registration emails may end up there from time to time.


You may not receive your CPD scorecard and updates so please do the following to whitelist our email:

Click here to learn more about how to whitelist our email.

  • Please add us to your safe senders’ list @yourcpdscorecard.co.za. Settings under Junk Mail, Never Block Sender or Add to Safe Sender list or move them from your Gmail promotions tab into your main inbox.

  • In the event you have ever unsubscribed from any of the BLACK ONYX services via email, you will not receive our emails or scorecard and you will need to register with a different email address (POPI).


I have not received any username or passwords.

After receiving an email from YOUR CPD SCORECARD, you will click on the activation key directing you to the CPD SCORECARD dashboard.

  • Your USERNAME is the unique email address you registered with.

  • Your PASSWORD will display on the CPD SCORECARD dashboard after clicking the activation key.

  • You will also receive an email to remind you of your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  • You can change your password at any time.


Basic details about the service

How much is this service and how long is it valid for?

  • 1 subscription is valid for 12 months.

  • Once-off payment.

  • After 12 months the data will be cleared.


How many certificates can I upload?

Up to 20 and if you need more please contact our support specialists



  • This is an online service and payment can only be done online with a credit card of EFT.

  • If you wish for us to onboard Teams with more than 20 users, please email our Support Specialists HERE.


Managing your certificates


How do I upload my certificates?

Refer to https://www.cpdscorecard.com and click on UPLOAD CERTIFICATE HERE


How do I review my certificates?

  • Each time you upload a certificate, you will receive an email verifying the upload to the system with access to all the data. See below example:


  • Click on VIEW CERTIFICATES HERE to review your entries, manipulate the table to suit your viewing, edit the data and export. See below example:


  • Click on DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATES HERE. This will generate an email aggregating all your certificates and total score for you to share with your compliance team or regulator.


Viewing and exporting your certificate tables.

Click on VIEW CERTIFICATES HERE to access the certificate entries

  • Use the scroll bar to mover right to access all the data

  • Click on COLUMNS to hide columns

  • Click on EXPORT for the file format that suits you

  • Scroll to the right to view the link to the certificate


Editing the certificate tables

  • To change the data you have entered for the certificate (date, name, points etc …) please hover over the row to highlight which one you want to edit, click then EDIT as seen on the top right of the table.

  • If you want to change the certificate, please DELETE the row and   UPLOAD CERTIFICATE HERE again.


About the service provider.

BLACK ONYX is a distribution specialist & RegTech service provider based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Is BLACK ONYX POPI compliant?
The POPI (Protection Of Personal Information) laws are still being determined and in the interim, we have consulted with our compliance officer and sought legal opinion, and for the interim, we will adhere to all the POPI principles, while no firm is subject to any laws in RSA just yet.

Know this, we will treat each of our customers in the same manner we would expect to be treated ourselves.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Please email our Support Specialists if you get stuck HERE.